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What We Do

At Supplier Oasis Fulfillment, we believe in leveraging the web and great logistics to get your products to your customers faster and easier. We have created a proprietary logistics software platform and warehouse network to elevate your customers' experience.

Flexible warehousing

Supplier Oasis can handle all of your fulfillment needs. Whether you continue to use your warehouse(s) or send us your inventory--or a combination of both--let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Freight Savings

You benefit from’s group freight rates and your products are closer to the customer resulting in lower outbound freight costs.

Faster delivery

We ship all of your orders within 24 hours while maintaining world class fulfillment standards.

Fulfillment to any retail channel

We can fulfill B2C and B2B - anytime, anywhere.

Who We Are

We have more than 15 years of experience in the furniture shipping business with, America’s #1 online furniture E-tailer. Supplier Oasis Fulfillment understands that shipping furniture is different. We have gained insight into the needs of the furniture industry as we ship over 500,000 furniture units per year. We now offer these same services to all suppliers, big and small, and not just for, but any retail channel.

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